ACR - Dedicated to making working on roofs safer

The Advisory Committee for Roofsafety (ACR) is the UK’s leading committee on roof work and roof safety and offers free publications to make it easier for you to carry out work on roofs safely.

The ACR has defined the UK’s only test, recognised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), which determines the non-fragility status of roofing products; producing publications about safe working practices on both fragile and non-fragile surfaces and other roof safety issues.

The Advisory Committee for Roofsafety (ACR) is a body dedicated to making working on roofs safer. Founded in 1998 by HSE, ACR comprises representatives of major roofworking federations and associations, and HSE. ACR has published a range of guides covering the design, specification and safe working on roofs. ACR acknowledges HSE’s continuing support for its work, and looks forward to making a solid commitment to Helping Great Britain Work Well.

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