Questions about publication dates

An ACR publication is shown as being currently in draft or is being updated. Where can I find the latest information about it’s proposed publication date?

Questions about the red book and non fragility

Is there a scientific basis to justify the red book test ?

What factors of safety are built into the test?

Does the red book test apply to glass assemblies?

How is the red book test applied to GRP Rooflights?

What is the correct way to reference the Red Book test in publications and manufacturers literature?

A manufacturer says his product is tested to an earlier version of the Red Book are his claims still valid?

How does the complaints procedure work?

Do you have a complaints procedure flow chart?

Questions about other ACR publications and roofwork issues

When can I move nets during the installation of class C assemblies?

Why does the orange book indicate that hi-visibility tape is inadequate to prevent approach to fragile areas?

Is there a guidance wind speed above which roofing works should stop?

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