Green Book FAQs

Green book FAQs

Is there a guidance wind speed above which roofing works should stop?

Please see paragraph 49 of the Green Book, in addition, if further information is needed The National Federation of Roofing Contractors have a booklet called “Roofing & Cladding in Windy Conditions”. It is available for NFRC members on the NFRC web site or can it can be purchased direct on tel 020 7436 0387

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Please note the primary remit of the ACR is promoting roofwork and roof safety - the Committee only accept questions relating to its work and it’s publications. If your question relates to roof or roofwork specifications or products, or site specific /general roofwork and roof safety issues not covered in our publications, you are asked to contact the various constituent Trade Associations who made or install the products - links to their web pages can be found here.