The Orange Book

The Orange Book
Safe work guide

ACR Good Practice Guide

“ACR[CP]001:2016 Rev 5 Recommended Practice for work on Profiled Sheeted Roofs”

To ensure safety during roofwork requires the commitment of all those involved in the procurement process. This publication aims to give advice on how this can be achieved, by addressing:

  • The planning of, and safe systems of work for, work at height;
  • The selection and use of work equipment for work at height;
  • The management and supervision of work at height;
  • The competence of workers performing work at height; and
  • The role designers can play in limiting hazards.
  • If an assembly fails this test it must be classified as “fragile ”.

The delivery of improvements in roof safety in the prevention of falls from height will only be achieved with the full involvement of all those with a role to play, i.e. employers, workers, trades unions, trade associations, manufacturers, trainers and others.

This guide gives practical advice on the duties placed on clients, contractors, designers and manufacturers and includes recommendations for good practice in roof safety while working on roofs. It concentrates on profiled roofs. Nevertheless, those engaged in other similar activities would benefit from the advice given, as many of the principles do apply and offer good practice.

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  • Rev 2 was published on 24/08/2007
  • Rev 3 was published on 08/05/2008
  • Rev 4 was published on 18/12/2014
  • rev 5 was published on 20/08/2016

IMPORTANT: The ACR also recommends you download the following Commentary ( use link below)-

ACR[COM]001:2014 Rev1 Orange Book Commentary

Since its publication, the ACR has received many requests for clarification of the recommendations contained in the Orange Book.

This commentary has been drawn up by the ACR and is intended to provide informative guidance on the recommendations the “Orange Book”.

Users are reminded that all advice or information contained in publications by the ACR is intended for users who will evaluate the significance of the advice or information, including its limitations, and take responsibility for its use and application. Additionally Elements of the guidance may go further than the minimum needed to comply with health and safety law.

  • 1st published 01/12/2011
  • Rev1 published 18/12/2014

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