ACR publishes Article – “What is the point of a Non-Fragile Roof ?”

This article was issued to the building/roofing press in May 2014 and has been published in the Trade Press.

The article is directed at designers and contractors to understand the issues of creating a non fragile roof and how long it will remain non fragile.
It focuses on two specific aspects

1. How do we know when a roof designed to be non-fragile eventually becomes fragile when the test procedure can only be applied to a new roof.
2. How do designers who design for a long term non fragile roof, stop the serious issue of main contractors and sub-contractors changing the roof specification to use inferior and cheaper products with result that the expected life of the non fragile roof is considerably reduced and in some cases is fragile when installed.

The article is designed to help people realize that roofs, no matter how well designed and built, will eventually become fragile. It is important for all involved in the design and construction, to build to the highest standards to ensure that the roof remains non fragile for as long as possible thereby reducing the risk to life of those people who need to access the roof during the life of the building.